Visiting rules

Rules for visiting the Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden

The Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden is a natural science collection of the Free State of Bavaria. It serves research, education and recreation.

The preservation of the beauty, diversity and values of the Botanic Garden must be the concern and task of every visitor. Every visitor is therefore called upon to protect the Botanic Garden with its plants and facilities from damage, to contribute to its cleanliness and to show consideration for fellow visitors.

By entering the Botanical Garden, each visitor therefore accepts the following rules:

1. Access

  1. The Botanical Garden may only be entered during opening hours and for the duration of evening and special events. A valid admission pass is required. In winter, the outdoor areas may be released for free access without an admission pass.
  2. The published admission prices apply, which can be found in particular on the information boards at the entrances. Day tickets are validated at the entrance controls; season tickets must be presented without being asked at each visit.
  3. The opening hours of the Botanic Garden can be found on the information boards at the entrances and on the website.
  4. The Botanic Garden may only be entered or exited at the designated entrances.
  5. Children under the age of 12 may enter and remain in the Botanic Garden only when accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adults are responsible for ensuring that these rules are observed by the children.

2. Requests and prohibitions

2.1. We ask our visitors:

  1. Supervise and lead school and kindergarten groups in a closed group.
  2. To use seats and resting places exclusively according to their intended purpose and to give them up to elderly or sick persons if necessary.
  3. Lost and found items to be handed in at the entrance cash desk.
  4. To park bicycles in racks provided for this purpose.
  5. Assist us in ensuring that our visitation policies are followed.

2.2. Unfortunately, we cannot allow the following:

  1. Damage to any plant or plant parts, (including fruits and seeds) or plants to be brought into the Botanical Garden without permission.
  2. Removal of labels, signs and lettering or changing their location, even temporarily.
  3. Feeding animals and birds and bringing them into the garden without permission (except dogs on a short leash).
  4. Bringing dogs into the greenhouses or other enclosed spaces.
  5. Leaving the paths.
  6. Entering paths that have not been cleared. Not cleared or gritted paths are not released in winter.
  7. Bringing bicycles, childrens training, skateboards, roller skates, sleds or vehicles and sports equipment of any kind. Wheelchairs, walkers and baby strollers are exempt from this regulation. Unfortunately, the greenhouses and certain parts of the outdoor area (such as the Alpinum) are only suitable to a very limited extent or not at all for wheelchairs and baby carriages.
  8. Parking of motor vehicles on the premises.
  9. The use of loudspeakers, playing on musical instruments or causing noise.
  10. Eating food and beverages in the greenhouses outside the permitted areas. Large picnics in the outdoor area.
  11. Throwing away trash outside the baskets provided for that purpose, littering the garden.
  12. Smoking in enclosed areas and in the designated non-smoking areas.
  13. Commercial filming and photography for advertising and business purposes. No tripods may be used on weekends, holidays and generally when there is a high volume of visitors. Publications of photographic material require the consent of the management.
  14. Begging, making surveys, selling or advertising without the consent of the Management is not allowed.
  15. Demonstrating and the use of flags and political posters.

3. Special instructions

  1. Instructions from our personnel must be followed. In case of suspicion of unlawful removal of plant material, the contents of bags or other containers must be shown to our staff upon request.
  2. Our staff must be shown admission tickets within the garden grounds upon request. Visitors who are found without a valid admission ticket must pay three times the price of a day ticket. Misused admission tickets, including season tickets, will be confiscated without compensation.
  3. Visitors who violate these rules or the instructions of our staff may be expelled from the garden without prejudice to further claims. Season tickets may be confiscated. They may be temporarily or permanently banned from visiting the garden. In such cases, there is no entitlement to a refund of the admission fee.

4. Liability

  1. The Botanic Garden is liable for damages only if there is evidence of intent or gross negligence.
  2. No liability is accepted for damage caused by:
    • violations of these rules or failure by visitors to exercise the necessary caution,
    • plants, especially through contact with cacti or poisonous plants,
    • entering paths that have not been cleared or gritted during or after snowfall. These paths are not open to visitors.
  3. Cases of damage in the Botanical Garden must be reported immediately to the Garden Administration or at the main ticket office.
  4. Visitors are liable, without prejudice to any criminal prosecution, for any damage culpably caused by them.

The Botanical Garden Directorate