Society of Friends of the Botanical Garden

In order to support the garden in its beautification, its further expansion and in the preservation of rare plant species, nature, plant and garden lovers have come together in the Society of Friends of the Munich Botanical Garden.

Founded in 1956, the Society was initially an elite group of plant and garden lovers who joined together to support the Botanic Garden to the best of their abilities. The first visible trace of the Society’s activities was left in the Botanical Garden very soon after its foundation with the establishment of the Spring Garden. This arrangement of spring plants along a skilfully laid out path, which is still popular and highly frequented in spring, was completed in 1956, the year of the Society’s foundation. In 1971, it was followed by the “Alpine House” – later renamed the “Ernst-von-Siemens House” – a sunken glass house with panoramic windows, filled with precious alpine treasures. This special greenhouse was improved several times in its function and equipment in the following years.
In addition to the construction and remodeling of other greenhouses (including the Mexico House, the Africa House, and the Madagascar House), the Society of Friends of the Munich Botanical Garden assisted in many other events and beautifications of the garden. The Gsaenger Rose Garden, the prestigious north slope in front of the café, the domes of the pergola, the participation in the construction of the new ticket office, the purchase of an electric vehicle and the publication of an anniversary volume on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Botanic Garden, are just a few of the many items in which the Friends supported the garden. The provision of financial resources enabled the planning for the redesign of the pergola lattices in 2021 to go ahead. Funding for professional clothing, as well as making educational trips for staff possible, is also made possible by the Society of Friends.


By joining, you too can help make the garden even more diverse and ensure its scientific work.
The garden and the society offer you for your support practical guided tours, interesting lectures, diverse information and free entrance to the garden and throughout the year.

You can obtain the membership application online, at our main ticket office or at the garden administration office.