Photo and filming permissions

The Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg offers numerous locations and exciting motives for film shoots or photo shoots on a small scale.

Private photos/films

  • Photographs for purely private purposes and for personal use (souvenir photos without special effort) can be taken free of charge and without permission in the Botanical Garden. Further use of the photographic material (e.g. handing it over to third parties) is not permitted. However, publications in social networks without commercial use are permitted.
  • Private photographs created by a commercial photographer (e.g. wedding photos) are subject to approval and fees.

Commercial photos and movies

  • Recordings for commercial purposes (e.g. for advertising) are only permitted with a chargeable recording permit.
  • Students from photography or fashion schools may take photographs at a reduced daily rate if they demonstrate the need by means of a university certificate.

Application form

  • Please submit your request via email to (at least two weeks prior to your scheduled date) and attach our checklist to your request.

Important notes

  • Commercial photo and filming permits are only possible on weekdays (Mon to Thu: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Fri: 10 a.m. – 12 noon). On weekends only low effort shooting and only in exceptional cases.
  • Restrictions may apply during high visitor traffic and during special exhibitions (e.g. no flash and/or tripod during the Tropical Butterfly Exhibition).
  • The use of drones/multicopters is generally not permitted.
  • For additional information, please refer to our visit policy or call 089 17861-310.

Press photos

Photographing for editorial purposes (press photos and filming for current reporting) should be announced at least one day before shooting at or 089 17861-321. Thank you!