FAQ | Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Is the south entrance currently open?

Admission via the south entrance (passage from/to Nymphenburg Palace Park) is possible with regular day tickets or with annual tickets. Regular day tickets you can buy at our Ticket Shop.
Current Information (12.6.2024):
The ticket machine at the south entrance is out of ordner. Thank you for your understanding!

Maria Ward Street

  • Where can I park?

Vis-à-vis to the Botanical Garden (Menzinger Straße 65) there are some parking spaces for cars. Three barrier-free parking spaces for persons with walking disabilities, are located in front of the Botanical Institute (Menzinger Straße 67).
In addition, there are larger parking areas in the Northern and Southern Schlossrondell of the Nymphenburg Palace. Access to us is then via the main entrance at Menzinger Straße 65. You can reach our main entrance on foot via Maria-Ward-Straße in about 15 minutes.

  • How do I reach the Botanical Garden by public transport?

You can reach the Botanical Garden by tram line 17 and/or bus 143 or 180.
The stop in front of the main entrance is called “Botanischer Garten”. Buses with the numbers 51 and 151 also stop at the stop “Maria Ward Straße”. The walk to the entrance from this stop takes about six minutes.

  • Can I take my dog into the garden?

Yes, it is allowed to take dogs into the outdoor area. However, please keep it on a leash during your walk in the outdoor area. In our greenhouses dogs aren’t allowed.

  • Is there a lost and found office?

Lost and found items are kept at the cash desk. You can reach the staff at the cash desk during opening hours on: 089 17861-350.

  • When do guided tours take place?

An overview of our Sunday tours as well as our annual program can be found here.

  • Can I celebrate my wedding or birthday at the Botanical Garden?

Unfortunately, the Botanical Garden itself can not provide space and premises.

In the Café in the Botanical Garden you can make a reservation for your wedding, a birthday or your company party.

Contact the Café im Botanischen Garten:
Karl Rieder & Stefan Höpp GbR
Menzinger Street 65
80638 Munich

Phone: 089 170333

  • Who can I contact if I need advice on my houseplant or garden plant?

For capacity reasons, we ask you to contact nurseries or garden centers in this regard. The “Green Number” of the Bavarian Garden Academy in Veitshöchheim will also be happy to provide information.

Contact Garden Academy:
Phone: 093 19801-3333
Mail: bay.gartenakademie@lwg.bayern.de
Office hours: Monday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 13 p.m. to 16 p.m.

  • Can I bring food or picnic in the Botanical Garden?

Yes, it is allowed to bring food and drinks.

There are numerous benches and seats available for a break. Stepping on the species-rich meadows is not permitted to protect tread-sensitive plants. The Botanical Garden is also not suitable for large picnics or a barbecue party.

  • Is there gastronomy in the Botanical Garden?

Yes, there are two options to stop in: In the café you can get drinks and a variety of food. In addition, in the visitor shop in the entrance area you can get coffee and various types of ice cream.

  • How can I buy a voucher/annual pass?

Annual tickets are available at our main box office. If you are eligible for a discount, please present the appropriate proof of discount.

Gift vouchers for annual passes can only be ordered in writing from the garden administration (bgm@snsb.de). Please note the lead time of approximately one week. We will send you the invoice and gift certificate by mail.
The annual pass costs regularly 48 €, discount 32 € – plus 2 € shipping costs.

  • How do I get permission to photograph and/or shoot?

Please submit your written request by email to bgm@snsb.de at least two weeks prior to your scheduled intake date. Thank you for attaching the completed checklist to your request. Photographing for purely private purposes is of course free of charge, but permission for commercial photographers as well as for commercial purposes is required.

  • Can I give away plants that have grown too big for me?

Unfortunately, no.

As a scientific institution, we are only interested in plant material of botanical species whose origin is scientifically proven and documented. This means that we unfortunately cannot accept plants that come from private households or private collections.

  • Can I buy plants in the Botanical Garden?

Plants or seeds from our scientific collection cannot be purchased from us. However, the visitor shop in the entrance area has a small selection of commercial seeds in its assortment.

  • Can I give fish or my turtle in the garden?

Unfortunately no.

Many animals have been abandoned in the past without being asked. We grant asylum to the turtles and an iguana in our orchid house, but we ask you to contact the reptile sanctuary or the Tierschutzverein München if you want or have to give up your pet.

You can’t find your question in this list? You can reach us by phone at 089 17861-321 or by mail at: botgart@snsb.de