Fern Gorge

The rhododendron grove merges to the west into the fern gorge crossed by a small stream, shady and cool in all seasons. Here a mosaic of greens and whimsical leaf shapes fascinates.
The stream eventually leads through a Japanese spring garden to the large pond.

English Woodland Gardens

New creation of a woodland garden in the style of the “English Woodland Gardens”: Old box trees and rhododendrons were so heavily infested by the boxwood borer and the Andromeda bug that they had to be cleared. The historically existing path was cleared and a woodland garden was created in the traditional English style. Such a “Woodland Garden” is characterized by a loosely standing old stand of trees. In their partial shade, numerous plants such as Christmas roses (Helleborus), ferns, arum, cranesbill, foxglove and other herbs of the northern hemisphere find suitable growing conditions.