Grove of rhododendrons

The more than 200 species and varieties of rhododendrons show a magnificent flowering from the beginning of May and are a main attraction of the garden at this time of year.

Oaks and pines, dating from the time of the garden’s founding in 1914, create beautiful semi-shaded conditions in the rhododendron grove. Sprinkling provides increased soil and air moisture. In addition, the topsoil is partially replaced with lime-free substrate so that rhododendrons and other woodland plants can be cultivated. Rhododendrons peak in bloom in mid-May. Then, within a few weeks, many varieties and wild species open their buds.


In July, hydrangeas bloom in the rhododendron grove. What is striking about the inflorescences are not the small flowers, but rather unfruitful show flowers with large, colored or white sepals, which are located at the edge of the inflorescence.