Wunderkammer: Fungi, Overgrowths & Exotics

Sunday, 9. October 2022 - Sunday, 9. October 2022

Objects by Iris Schabert

The artist Iris Schabert brings the concept of the Chambers of Wonder, the Baroque and the Renaissance back to our age. At that time, in the exclusive collections, nobility and wealthy bourgeoisie could marvel at the combination of natural artifacts with valuable replicas and interpretations from the arts and crafts.

Iris Schabert brings the tradition of Artificialia and Naturalia to life for all visitors to the Botanic Garden. With works made of glass, metal and porcelain, inspired by the beauty and aesthetics of personal finds from nature.

About the artist

Iris Schabert has lived and worked as a sculptor and goldsmith in Munich since 1997, interrupted by several stays abroad in Spain and Mexico.
A central motif of her work are plant-like, organic forms and phenomena such as overgrowth, mold coverings, burst pods, decay and the fragility that accompanies them. A quasi-scientific approach, combined with an almost inexhaustible desire to experiment, is the driving force behind her artistic work.



Green room (house 7 of the show greenhouses) of the Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg
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