“secret garden” – by Clemens Büntig

Friday, 5. July 2024 - Sunday, 15. September 2024

Seeds germinate in the darkness of the earth, feelings in the subconscious

In his exhibition, the internationally active artist Clemens Büntig is showing prints from recent years. In his works, Büntig combines printmaking techniques with painting and drawing on paper. Thematically, his work is about the inner and outer nature of man.

About the artist

Clemens Büntig is a freelance artist and lecturer for traditional printing techniques, nature and perception training. His art is a continuous research in the fields of sociology, psychology, spirituality, poetry, and the observation of everyday life and nature.


The exhibition is included in the day ticket.
Regular 5.50 €, discount 4.00 €


Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden
Menzinger Street 65
80638 München
Tel.: 089 17861-321
E-Mail: botgart@snsb.de
Website: botmuc.snsb.de

Foto: Ausschnitt aus einer Arbeit von Clemens Büntig.