Birds in the Botanical Garden

Breeding birds in the Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg

In 2018, a comprehensive count of the birds in the Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden was carried out. The result: 45 bird species were discovered in the garden, 26 species even bred in the garden.

A comprehensive census of the birds in the Munich Botanical Garden during the 2018 breeding season revealed the presence of 45 bird species, of which 26 were effectively breeding.
The analysis of the birds’ behaviour and territories enabled me to determine the optimal route for future monitoring. This 785-m-long route ensures the detection of all breeding species, but is insufficient to assess their density. Therefore, between-species comparisons should be avoided. Based on the birds’ phenology and behaviour and published protocols for bird monitoring, I recommend two counting sessions on sunny days, one at the end of April and one at the beginning of June, each beginning fifteen minutes after sunrise.

You can download Léna de Framond Benard’s publication, the scientific poster and a presentation of the results here.

The work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Susanne Renner.

Breeding birds in the Munich Botanical Garden: assessment of the 2018 populations and methods for future monitoring
Präsentation Breeding Birds of the Botanical Garden