Sempervivum Rickshaw | Exhibition by Jane Le Besque in the Green Room

Exhibition period: October 7 – November 6, 2022

A platform for exploring diversity

Sempervivum Rickshaw grew on a flat roof. A rosette of succulents, paintings, photographs, books, poems, artificial intelligence, music and ideas that spiraled from the source.

Artist Jane Le Besque (Geneva) is at the center of this project, which is an interdisciplinary effort to deepen our understanding of Sempervivum (houseleek).

The “Rickshaw” is a means of transportation that moves collaborative ideas between a botanist and an artist, between an artist and a physicist, an artist and a poet, a poet and a musician. It is sometimes unity, sometimes hybridization, that has been pulled and pushed through different landscapes. In the process, it has twisted, branched, crossed its own path, disappeared and reappeared, and dropped various manifestations along the way.

Header image: Sempervivum ruthenicum, © Jane Le Besque 2020

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