Pictures of poetic words echo in the botanical garden

Sunday, 7. May 2023 - Thursday, 30. November 2023

Poetry Trail of the Free German Authors’ Association

Imagination and reality, Cosmic, Philosophic, Essences about Nature and Nature being threatened.

Imagination and reality, cosmic, philosophic, essences about nature and nature being threatened.

The workshop „Poetry Going Public“ as part of the Bavarian Association of Independent Authors of Germany (FDA) welcomes you at the Rhododendron Grove with 38 poems on flags and weatherproof boards.

Be surprised by the variety of lyrical styles and essences about sensations, fantasies and realities about plant and nature beauties mixed with cosmic, childish, erotic, philosophical as well as threatening influences by all of us

Authors: Veronique Dehimi, Karolina de Valerio, Christine Hoffmann, Wolfgang Knittel, Cony Lohmeier, Ruth Neureiter, Horst Oberbeil, Regina Willecke, Rose Zaddach


Fotos: Winkler


The event is a contribution to the Flower Power Festival 2023.
Supported by the Society of Friends of the Munich Botanical Garden e.V. and the Elfriede and Franz Jakob Foundation.


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