“Der Insektograf” – Drawings by Hein Schmid 

Saturday, 16. December 2023 - Sunday, 17. March 2024

Grasshoppers, dragonflies, flies, and wasps – Hein Schmid, also known as the “Insektograf”, uses his fine, macroscopic drawings to give personality to insects that are threatened by mass extinction. Through his artwork, viewers are given a new perspective on these wonderful and fascinating creatures.

Using his smartphone camera, Hein Schmid quietly roams meadows and fields in search of new subjects. His models are insects of all kinds. From his photographs, he creates detailed drawings with pencil and pastel chalk on sketchbook paper, yellow or black cardboard. The “Insektograf” challenges viewers with his small-scale images to look closely and discover each insect anew, such as the housefly in its original size.

The art exhibition in the Green Hall, located at the end of the greenhouses, is a wonderful addition to the exhibition in the water plant house, which features freely flying tropical butterflies.

About the Artist

Hein Schmid, the “Insektograf,” has presented his works to a wide public through numerous solo and group exhibitions in Regensburg, Kallmünz, his hometown Neustadt a.d. Donau, Aichach, Erding, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. He has recently achieved great success with his extensive solo exhibitions “Wunderwelt Insekt” at the German Bee Museum in Weimar and the “Insektarium” at the East Bavarian Natural History Museum in Regensburg.
More about Hein Schmid: www.derinsektograf.de

Instagram @hein_schmid
Live-Drawing: Insta Reel


The entry to the exhibition is included in the regular ticket for the Botanical Garden.
Regular day pass 6.50 €, discount 4.50 €

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